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Our Education

At OKGN Market, our commitment to excellence goes beyond the orchards; it’s rooted in a foundation of education, diverse experiences, and a passion
for bringing value to our community. Meet the team behind the mission:

Our Academic Roots: Having earned our Bachelor of Business degrees at Okanagan College, we equipped ourselves with a solid understanding of the principles that form the backbone of successful businesses. Our academic journey provided us with the essential tools to navigate the dynamic
landscape of entrepreneurship, ensuring that every decision we make is grounded in knowledge and strategic insight.

Diverse Professional Experience: Beyond the classroom, we’ve immersed ourselves in the world of retail, banking, and finance. These experiences have
enriched our understanding of diverse industries, honed our analytical skills, and given us a comprehensive view of business operations. This multifaceted background allows us to bring a unique perspective to the grocery industry, merging financial acumen with a genuine passion for community-driven initiatives.

Value in Every Transaction: Our experiences in the retail, banking, and finance sectors have instilled in us a deep appreciation for fair value. We
recognize the importance of every transaction and the impact it has on both the buyer and the seller. This understanding is the driving force behind our mission to bring the freshest produce directly from our orchards to your table – ensuring that the value is not just in the product but in the story, effort, and dedication that comes with it.
Community-Centric Approach: Armed with both academic knowledge and real-world experiences, we approach our mission with a community-centric mindset. We believe in leveraging our expertise to not only run a successful grocery store but to also contribute meaningfully to the community we call
At OKGN Market, our education, experiences, and unwavering dedication to our mission converge to create a team that is not just business-savvy but also deeply committed to bringing value, freshness, and a sense of purpose to every household we serve. Join us on this journey, where the synergy of
knowledge and passion yields a harvest of exceptional quality and community prosperity.

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